How was your US visa talk with understanding?

How was your US visa talk with understanding?

I have had two visa interviews : one for a F-1 visa in June of 2011, and the other for a H-1B visa stepping, in December of 2017. I can’t talk exceedingly enough of the polished methodology of the visa officers and other staff – they complete a fantastic activity.

While the main meeting was more nerve-wracking (for a multi year old who was one stage far from moving most of the way over the world), the second changed the manner in which I take a gander at the world.

In my F-1 visa meeting, I was asked what I proposed to learn at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, why I needed to examine (synthetic designing), and (on the off chance that I recollect accurately), heard a bit about the lovely climate here in MN in the winter. Coincidentally, it’s beneath zero degrees today in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and it’s sufficiently blustery that it should be negative degrees in Kelvin. I diverge.

In my H-1B visa meeting, the most surprising occasion happened. Not exclusively was the Visa Officer (VO) I met with a former student of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (that equivalent one I went to!), he additionally had a kin near where I live in Southern MN. Different inquiries included getting some answers concerning my organization, what I do that makes my instructive foundation a fit for that job, and a clever reference to a Nordic dish from New Prague, MN that sidesteps me at this moment (might it be able to be lutefisk? Tell me in the remarks area).

Here I was, in my nation of origin of India, wondering about the way that of all the VO’s I could have kept running into at all the seasons of the day, this more odd leading my meeting not just went to indistinguishable school from me, yet in addition had connections to where I had lived for as far back as 3 1/2 years. I’ve generally said that the world is a little place, however this tied the lace for me. Also, notwithstanding whatever else, I’m so unimaginably pleased with the way that I went to a state funded school with a huge number of potential associations holding on to be made.

Keeping in accordance with the University of Minnesota’s saying, I have since been Driven to Discover… .other graduated class of the U, and do all that I can to be additional sort to them. No one can tell what other place you’ll keep running into one another. Go Gophers!


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