What is the easiest way to immigrate out of Pakistan?

What is the easiest way to immigrate out of Pakistan?

There are many ways you can get out of pakistan. Whether it’s temporary or permanent. With pakistan passport you can go anywhere in the world however it is not easy as pakistan is on a restricted visa-free travel list. There are not many countries where you can go on a pakistani passport. When application is made to any embassy in pakistan the application is scrutinized in detail with aim to reject your application. You are also not get your application fee back regardless of whether you get visa or not. Most western countries espeically UK, Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia and European(schengen countries) prefer to reject your application on of course major issues but also on minor issues. The reason for that is simply it is business for them. More applications they reject more income they get because you would either keep re-applying or not go at all.

You want to go abroad temporary visit from pakistan or anywhere else on pakistani passport. The best way is to get a visit or tourist visa. Visahasil.com helps you complete your documentation for most western countries you want to visit. You can start your visa documentation process over here https://www.visahasil.com/startvisa

You want to go abroad permanently from Pakistan or even to change your status from abroad. There are many possible ways to do this. This all depends on many factors including but not excluded to which country you want to go, how much funds you have etc. If you are already abroad and want to change your visa status then there are actually more issues because it all depends on the country you are currently in and what options are possible. In most cases routine is to return back to Pakistan if you are there on visit visa only basis. However there are many exceptions to this and once again it all depends on which country you are in and also what is your current status there. To start your visa documentation go over here https://www.visahasil.com/startvisa

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Hum ne bohat sari countries ki visa applications approve kar wai hain including USA, UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany and more western countries.

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