How do USA visa officers choose to acknowledge or dismiss visa applications?

How do USA visa officers choose to acknowledge or dismiss visa applications?

The procedure is totally discretionary. The visa officers have an excessive amount of intensity and no human can deal with that sort of intensity without getting tainted. You can see that control has gone to the leaders of a portion of these officers and that they have moved toward becoming sub-human. Some of them are excessively youthful and have a huge measure of intensity. Once more, undesirable for them, unfortunate for their general public and undesirable for the whole human race. It would appear that Americans have gained nothing from the Nazis about focus and the subsequent maltreatment of intensity.

What they state about having administrative work is all finished BS. Consider this: what number of understudies who are applying for F1 visa truly need to return following completing their investigations? The entire advanced education industry in the US is based on the way that Indian and Chinese understudies need to get their degree and get a new line of work in the US. So this entire act about “plan to return” or solid “family ties” is simply finished and articulate rubbish. That is to say, which Indian understudy does not have close connections to India?!! Each Indian has guardians and relatives in India. I in some cases think the Visa officer takes a gander at your face and chooses whether you get the visa or not. Or on the other hand possibly the result relies upon whether the female visa officer is PMSing that specific day. This sort of self-assertive basic leadership makes you ponder about standard of-law and fair treatment in the US. I would now be able to comprehend what African-Americans continue griping about.

The entire meeting process and the sort of meddling, individual inquiries the visa officers constrain you to reply before everybody, just shows what a revolting nation US is and how genuinely terrible Americans are as a people. It is somewhat pitiful that we Indians need to go to US, a nation based on dead assortments of “Indians”, to construct a future for ourselves. After a couple of visits to the US office, I began understanding world history, particularly World War II. I have additionally begun seeing how control structures of the world develop and move. I currently see how realms rise and how they fall. They state that US is a realm in decay. I think I presently comprehend why. Whatever regard I had for the US and its establishing fathers is currently gone

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