Can all green card holders apply for citizenship?

Can all green card holders apply for citizenship?

There are an estimated 13.2 million green card holders of whom 8.9 million are eligible for citizenship in the US. A substantial number of them serve in the US military and are living on bases abroad. I think the number of those serving are around 60–70 thousand.

Green Card holders are not as economically useful due to their legal status which grants them the same rights and legal remedies afforded to citizens. In other words, you cant pay them below minimum wage, or deny them overtime, Disability benefits, Workers Comp, Family Leave, or subject them to unsafe or hostile working conditions. etc etc. Hiring one of them is equally as costly, and requires even more HR documentation than hiring a citizen. Their wages are taxed like the rest of us. By contrast, an undocumented worker is an unprotected person who does not have any rights and therefore no penalty for violating them exists. The Illegal Immigrants are an extremely profitable source of labor and the cities attract them because illegal undocumented workers boost the economy and contribute to Dollar Velocity in the city they reside.

Here is where it gets even more interesting. Sanctuary Cities do not protect Green Card Holders from deportation, or prosecution. Illegal Immigrants are the only ones who are protected by the Sanctuary Cities Doctrines. And think, why would they want to protect an expensive employee when you can recruit illegal, undocumented employees? It was the same mentality in the South during the 1800’s when slave labor made the South extremely Wealthy. They were willing to go to war to keep their booming economy and they way of life.This is why we see Liberals advocating for Sanctuary Cities, but not for an increase in Green Card issuance, or citizenship. They want cheap house keepers and gardeners they do not have to pay or treat well.

For example:

Sexually harassing an undocumented Female has no consequence for the employer.

Sexually harassing a Green Card Holder gets you a lawsuit, and public shame. Most likely you will be out of business.

If you are a scum bag who do you hire?

Green card holders are statutorily entitled to U.S. citizenship after showing a preponderance of evidence that they are loyal to the US and demonstrate Good moral Fiber. They must wait at least 5 years before becoming eligible. After 18 years I believe they automatically become citizens. But no one is protesting to expedite citizenship. No one is encouraging Green Card Application. No one is encouraging anyone to become a citizen anymore. In fact, the act of establishing a Sanctuary City or State makes Illegal entry more tempting and desirable for certain immigrants who would either never be allowed in legally, or those suffering through a desperate time in the lives and cannot wait for all the red tape to be processed.

A Green Card Holder could become “Deportable” from the United States after being convicted of a serious crime such a violent felony. Undocumented Immigrants are very difficult to track down or prosecute especially with non cooperating authorities in Sanctuary Cities. They protect their cheap labor and economic advantages any way they can no matter what.

I support expedited and more liberal granting of Green Cards. I staunchly oppose undocumented labor and illegal immigration due to the risks to our security, and the exploitation of the people being denied rights according to our constitution. They should be treated as human beings. The fact that they entered illegally denies them the right to be equal, or apply for legal status. This is crime against the Mexican people, and other ethnic minorities.


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